Now, you can learn and play at the same time


What is FrogPlay?

With FrogPlay, students can learn anytime, anywhere,

through quizzes, games, and reports, 

making learning more engaging and effective.


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Benefits of FrogPlay

Use quizzes, games and reports to learn and play!

Bringing high-quality, curriculum-mapped content through partners


Leveraging thousands of teacher-created quizzes from across the nation


Engaging and motivating students through games and rewards

Whack a Monkey

Play games within quizzes to make learning fun - earn credits as you play, and unlock even more games or avatar parts!

Climb the game leaderboards to challenge students from your school, state or anywhere in the country!


Track progress with advanced reports


View student performance, and identify strengths and areas for improvements


Learning anytime, anywhere, on any device

FrogPlay for Web

FrogPlay Mobile App


FrogPlay Mobile

Bringing one of the most popular Frog products into mobile, FrogPlay Mobile aims to make revision even simpler and more engaging!

Complete quizzes and play games!

Complete quizzes and play games!

Quiz content from the best providers

Quiz content from the best providers

Instant feedback with auto-marking

Instant feedback with auto-marking

Advanced reporting of student progress

Advanced reporting of student progress


Learning more

My benefits as a teacher

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My benefits as a student

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Using FrogPlay in class

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FrogPlay Championships Support

Reach out for more informtion about the competition rules. We are available Monday - Friday and closed on Saturday and Sunday.